About Us
GET Information Technology is an international software engineering company with extensive experience of providing project management support in complex environments.

For nearly two decades, we are helping our customers achieve operational, strategic and innovative excellence, make informed business decisions, and increase portfolio value.
Our Сulture
As a German company, we are first and foremost quality-oriented, driven by innovation and a "make-it-happen" approach. We are united around this purpose and passion and do not shy away from the challenges that are set before us each day.
Our Team
We live diversity and see ourselves as a whole made up of many parts. Software engineers, mathematicians, designers, lateral thinkers, and user experience experts have all joined their forces to achieve great things in close and open collaboration with our customers.
Our Values
Defined by the team and leadership together, our shared values guide the way we all work, what decisions we take, and how we interact with our colleagues, customers, and partners.
Enthusiasm & Proactivity

Our dedication helps us be exceptional in everything we do. We are prepared to go the extra mile in order to reach new heights and celebrate our accomplishments together.

We take all our tasks and those of the colleagues seriously and recognize that actions have consequences. We are willing to assume accountability for our company's success.

We understand that without meeting the customer expectations our company would not be able to exist. Therefore, we always stand by our word and fulfil the promises.
Gratefulness & Respect

We cultivate an environment of mutual esteem and appreciation so that we can support and empower one another to do our best work.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Manfred Esser
Founder & CEO
Manfred is the founder, sole shareholder and CEO of GET Information Technology as well as professor of Business Informatics at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, a national polytechnic research university of Russia.

For 20 years, Manfred has worked as a CIO in corporate structures (RWE, E.ON, Stadtwerke Düsseldorf, Siemens), overseeing IT internationally. He was responsible for company-wide transformation and efficiency improvement programs, large-scale project management in the technical environment, managing IT mergers & acquisitions from the planning stage to post-merger integration, reorganization and centralization of corporate IT functions.

Manfred holds three German engineering degrees (Dipl. Ing.): in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering from the University of Applied Science Niederrhein and in Informatics from the Technical University of Dresden. He received his doctoral degree in Business Informatics from the Technical University of Chemnitz with a dissertation on mastering complexity in the enterprise IT architecture design in relation to the standards for business process modeling.

Manfred is a member and involved in professional organizations such as the Association of German Engineers (VDI), the German Society for Computer Science (GI), the German Society for Project Management (GPM), and the International Association of Controllers (ICV).

His work in theory and practice focuses on the design and implementation of business process management technology, design and establishing enterprise project & portfolio management, large-scale project execution, software engineering, enterprise architecture management as well as the design and control of the corporate IT.

In his free time, he enjoys hiking in the mountains and assembling model train sets.